Meanwhile in London

Couple months ago I’ve been asked by Gulati Bespoke Tailors for couple of shots of my suit for an article. When I received materials I was shocked. This little article has been published in GQ British issue. This is my first, that big publication, even if it’s very small photo…I’m still very proud of myself. And as you can see below…this magazine is everywhere…

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Lake Symphony

As you probably noticed, I’ve started to writing a little bit too. Every photo I’m posting have a story to tell, so I will try to add a small text to every picture I’m posting. 

I’m not a huge fan of multimedia fountains, I’ve seen couple and the best one was in Wroclaw, Poland. Most of them are nice, but there is nothing outstanding in them, oh “just another classic song playing in the background, while 3 sprinklers and two lights are trying to make it interesting”.

KLCC is full of life every time during the day and evening, sometimes is simply hard to find good spot in shadow to sit down and rest. The biggest amounts of tourists and locals are visiting front entrance of Suria late evening when multimedia fountain is launched. It’s always at 8PM, 9PM and last show at 10PM. How suprised I was when it started to play rock music (don’t forget, it’s muslim country)! Sprinklers and lights were absolutely fantastic and I wasn’t the only person enjoyed! There is a lot of videos on YouTube showing what you can expect. Please, have a look!

During your trip to KLCC, Suria, KLCC Park, take a break, sit down, choose the right angle and watch. KLCC is the best city center I’ve ever seen so far and multiumedia fountain is integral part of it. Don’t miss it!

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Why KL is so fantastic?

Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, is one of those places you want to go back as soon as possible. Even that humidity is ridiculously high and sun is burning with no mercy, beauty of KL is like a magnet, you want to explore more and more of the biggest malay city. KL is not all about Petronas Towers, but let’s be honest, without twin towers this city would not be the same. I am planing to go back in 2015 and hopefuly discover Kuala Lumpur from different side._MG_8948 jako Obiekt inteligentny-1z


So, I finally forced my girlfriend to put on eBay one of her works. This is fantastic tissue box, handmade decorated. You can get it on eBay HERE. There will be no second one.


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Hi All!

While I’m trying to make my website more alive and update couple more things, you might be interested in viewing my Flickr profile and actually see my progress in last 4 years, when I’ve started my journey with photography. Just click on the photo.